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Letter from the Renewal Building Committee

I know I am not alone in feeling this way about our congregation.  Mountain Brook Baptist Church has been a cornerstone, providing a warm and welcoming space for worship and spiritual growth. I think you would agree that we have been entrusted with an incredible gift in this 120,000 square foot church campus.

As we look to reach future generations, now is the time to prepare our campus to align with our ministry goals. The vibrancy of Mountain Brook Baptist Church needs to be reflected in:

  • An enhanced Sanctuary for congregants to gather and worship for decades to come;

  • Refreshed spaces that welcome children, youth, and families;

  • Improved and flexible spaces for fellowship and education;

  • Improved wayfinding measures to help guests navigate our building and exit more safely in the event of an emergency.

A significant investment of time and expertise has been invested by the RENEWAL Building Committee and others.  The committee undertook study and in-depth assessments of the Vision 2020 report as well as the 2018 building campaign.  The committee engaged with staff to clarify how Mountain Brook Baptist Church can make the most meaningful and impactful enhancements to our campus at this moment in time.

Today when we come to our current campus, it is all too easy to take for granted those who developed the ministries and buildings of Mountain Brook Baptist Church.  Long before many of us arrived on the scene, our predecessors strategically invested for the generations that have followed. Those efforts include construction of the Chapel (1950), building of a four story Education Building and Fellowship Hall (1956), construction of the Sanctuary (1967), construction of the CLC (1975), and a multifaceted update that included construction of new staff offices, preschool classrooms, Hudson Hall and the columbarium (2001).  These enhancements have served us well.

Our location and campus are enormous resources for ministry. However, many areas of the church have aged to the point of diminished effectiveness. Our time has come to pick up where our predecessors left off. As we enter this exciting season of RENEWAL, we hope you will join us by both honoring the past and investing in the future as we reach forward in faith.



Billy Bates, Chair

Vince Blackerby

Jack Brown

Mandi Cooper

Caleb Haynes

Claire Hills

Taylor Knight

Dr. Wayne Splawn

Mark Tucker

Dr. Meredith Welch

Dear Fellow Congregants:

Mountain Brook Baptist Church has been a constant source of God’s blessing in my life. I was baptized in the Chapel at the age of 9, raised my children in the church, and now have grandchildren who are active participants in this community of faith. As I consider the ways God has used this church to help me grow in my faith in Jesus Christ and the impact the church has had on others in my family, it would be hard to overstate my appreciation to God for the mission and ministries of Mountain Brook Baptist Church.

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